You are in the right place………

if you have experienced emotional trauma around conception, pregnancy and birth.

This may have been because of infertility, loss of a pregnancy due to miscarriage or termination, or a traumatic birth.

Maybe your afraid of becoming pregnant?

You might be pregnant and afraid of giving birth? Or of carrying a pregnancy to term.

You may have thoughts and feelings about being pregnant and giving birth that you just cant tell anyone.

Your experience of pregnancy and birth have not been the “sunshine and light” you expected.

You maybe feeling like this now, or in the recent past or many years ago, but they have left you feeling “different”. Not the women you used to be, the partner, friend, daughter, mother.

You go through the motions but a part of you has been left behind, disconnected from your self and those around you.

You’ve worked hard to function within your world but no one really gets the fear you hold inside and how fake you feel.

You do your best to engage with others, but the emotions you hold back can be overwhelming and it affects how you interact with those you love.

You’re more anxious, you worry more, you parent differently, you judge yourself.

You may feel physically unwell, hormonal imbalances, aches, pains, insomnia, panic attacks.

You feel as if your body has let you down. You wonder whether you will ever feel like YOU again, confident, able, fearless, safe.


If you have answered “YES” to any of the above

You are in the right place……….


So, being a modern, resourceful women you have tried to help yourself…………..

Maybe you’ve tried talking to family and friends.

You may have spoken to a GP, midwife, health visitor.

You may have had counselling, or read self help books.

You may have been prescribed anti-depressants or other medication.

You’ve tried exercising, and been careful with your diet, trying to look after your physical body, aware of the mind body link.

You’ve joined a facebook group or a forum on mumsnet.

Or you may have never really talked to anyone about how you feel, you’ve bottled it up for fear of being judged, afraid of not being understood.

These things you’ve tried have worked a little bit, but nothing has worked completely.

You may feel as if you are burdening your family and friends and self help books can be great but require discipline to see the suggestions through and when you don’t have the time or the inclination this makes you feel even more of a failure.

Anti-depressants keep you safe and can be really useful as a support but can also be a sticking plaster that covers the wound but doesn’t allow it to heal.

Counselling or CBT can be extremely beneficial, but one size doesn’t fit all and you didn’t really “get it”.

So, I hear you ask, I’ve answered Yes  to some of those questions,  Maybe to others and No to one or two. What now???


Imagine you could really enjoy living again……….

Imagine you could celebrate each day, all the good stuff and just roll with the not so good……

Imagine you could be the partner/mother you want to be and your loved ones deserve……

Imagine you could relax and enjoy being yourself…..

Imagine you felt safe within your body…..

Imagine you felt connected to your body and the world around you…..

Imagine this person, what she would look like, how she would move, what kind of things she would say…….

and then

Imagine being supported, held, guided, listened to, empowered as you walk the path that leads to this version of you…..

Imagine leaning into that support…..

Imagine  learning effective tools that you can use in your everyday life…..

Imagine your physical body being supported gently to ease its way towards balance and good health…..

Imagine being HEARD…..

Imagine being understood…..

Imagine not feeling alone…..

Imagine understanding how your body works and reveling in its amazingness!

I want to live in a world where women feel exactly like this! A world where a woman can celebrate herself, where she feels powerful within her femininity, where she can be all that she wants to be, a world where it is OK to say she is scared, she is afraid, she feels pain, she doesn’t feel good enough, she feels alone, without being judged or ignored and if she does feel this way………